2022 in Review:

Reflect, Regroup, and Rejuvenate!

Companion Workbook

Your guide to an intentional practice created by Chantal Cox and Guin White that combines their knowledge of Neuroscience and Human Design to help you get intentional about creating an aligned business and life of impact that you love in 2023!

Meet Your Coaches

Chantal Cox is an author, Transformation NeuroCoach™ & certified Life Purpose Coach who saves purpose-driven coaches from feeling stuck, confused, and overwhelmed so that you can get off the hamster-wheel and make the aligned impact you are destined for without sacrifice and burnout.

Guin White is an alignment coach who supports soul-centered coaches in being completely unapologetic about your desires and taking massive action towards making you dream a reality. She specializes in sales, business systems, wellness and human design.

Chantal and Guin co-host The Create a Life You Love Podcast as well as run the thriving Create a Life You Love Membership.