What is The NeuroCoaching Model™?

The Neurocoaching Model™ was created by Dr. Shannon Irvine who took the learning she did in her PhD in Neuropsychology and Neuroscience to create an evidence-based practice to get to the source of an issue and literally rewire the brain for success.

The model works for every problem, block, and limiting belief as well as to create any habit or goal, because it gets to the true source of an issue, not just the symptoms.

The beautiful thing about the NeuroCoaching Model™, is that it is a simple step-by-step process to implement. Dr. Shannon always says, “If you can build Lego, you can rewire your brain.”

The NeuroCoaching Model™ works so effectively because it actually taps into the brain’s neural networks to strengthen neuroplasticity and activate synaptic pruning.

Neuroimaging shows us how our beliefs are formed, through the repetition of a thought-emotion combination. It is from these beliefs that we make decisions and take action, which is how we get our results.

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