The Create a Life You Love Membership

Are you a coach who feels called to make an impact in this world using your unique skills, knowledge, and talents?

Are you sick of coaching "gurus" shoving unaligned strategies down your throat that leave you stuck, overwhelmed...and often times broke? 

Join the coaching membership that is #disrupting the coaching industry 💪 

Together, our community is saying NO to complicated strategies that lead to burnout and YES to simplification with a focus on service and impact.

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Gain immediate access to:⁠

  • Collaborative relationships with a network of fellow purpose-driven coaches
  • Aligned and sustainable momentum w/o sacrifice and burnout
  • Accountability, Support, and Connection
  • Minimum of 2 Monthly Live Masterclasses tailored for your needs as a member⁠
  • Monthly Connection & Reflection Activity
  • Exclusive Membership App

It's time to get off the hamster-wheel, conquer overwhelm, and create the impact you are destined for!

We Are Currently Offering 3 Monthly Masterclass Series:

Creating an Impact Through Podcasting

Whether you are wanting to:

  • Start a podcast
  • Increase your reach with your podcast
  • Increase your impact by getting on other podcasts

Chantal an Guin host a podcast that is globally ranked in the top 3% of all podcasts, and have compiled

  • Templates they personally use
  • Tutorials to help you with tech
  • Resources and considerations to help you wherever you are on your podcasting journey

Supercharge Your Productivity

Designed to take you from:

  • Unfocused
  • Scattered
  • Overwhelmed

To completely and 100%:

  • Laser-focused on the things that matter most to you
  • Successfully getting all the things done to accomplish your vision!

Alignment & Transformation Through Human Design

Whether you’re

  • Brand new to Human Design
  • A Human Design Guru
  • Anything in between

Guin is taking the membership on a journey to uncover the best ways to use your design in your

  • Personal life
  • Business
  • Coaching practice

⁠Plus These Amazing Bonuses!

  • Human Design Life Chart to create a more fulfilling life by learning about your innate gifts, abilities, traits and characteristics as well as unconscious influences, and behaviors
  • Sessions with guest coaches who specialize in the areas you as a member need
  • Opportunities to be featured on the Create a Life You Love Podcast
  • Member highlight posts in the public Create a Life You Love Community to highlight your expertise and contact information
  • Opportunities to share your expertise in the public Create a Life You Love Community

This special pricing won't be available for long!⁠

Lock in your rate at $222/month for as long as your membership remains active

Meet Your Coaches

Chantal Cox is a Transformation NeuroCoach™ & certified Life Purpose Coach who saves purpose-driven coaches from feeling stuck, confused, and overwhelmed so that you can get off the hamster-wheel and make the aligned impact you are destined for without sacrifice and burnout.

She's also the author of Create a Life You Love, the host of the Create a Life You Love Podcast, and the creator of the Unleashed Method.

Guin White is an alignment coach who supports soul-centered coaches in being completely unapologetic about your desires and taking massive action towards making you dream a reality. She specializes in sales, business systems, wellness and human design and is the founder of Aligned by Design.

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