Creating a life you love requires a community of people and organizations who support our mission, as well as people and organizations that we support.

This is a space to highlight those partnerships. We encourage you to connect with any of them that interest you. They have each been carefully selected based on their alignment with helping others to create a life they love.

Dylan Morch

An inspiring young man with a servants heart and a big mission

Dylan was born and raised in Wichita, Kansas and attended Kansas State University. He began following Christ after his freshman year in 2019.

He graduated from Kansas State in 2021 with a bachelor's degree in marketing. During his time at college, God gave Dylan a desire to know Him deeply and to help others to come to know Him and be equipped to make Him known.

Chantal's path crossed with Dylan due to being close friends with his mother. He is preparing for a two year mission trip to Thailand with Campus Outreach and the Create a Life You Love Coaching Team is honored to be a small part of his support team.

Check out the button below for how you can also support, and be on the lookout for future podcast episodes where we will highlight Dylan and follow his journey to help others create a life that they love.

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The Hive

A Workspace and Authentic Networking Community for Women in Business

There are a lot of brilliant women in Wichita. But where are they hanging out? Where are the real, down to earth conversations happening? 

Where are they building their referral networks of other business owners & professionals?

The Hive is the space where these leaders connect and empower each other to succeed faster in their careers and lives.

Every time you show up, you'll leave with a new perspective, a new business connection, a new friend.

In-person and virtual events offered throughout each month to connect members near and far.


Helping people have better skin, better health and a better life through innovative products, an incomparable opportunity and dedication to happiness and personal growth!

Chantal personally uses and highly recommends Neora's health, wellness and anti-aging products, as well as their brand partner opportunity.

Those of you familiar with her story know that in times of extreme stress, she develops alopecia areata, and her hair falls out in chunks.

Neora's ProLuxe™ Hair Care System has been a lifesaver and is the first "product" of its kind that she fully endorses and has allowed to become an official sponser of The Create a Life You Love Podcast.

The company's mission and vision aligns perfectly with the Create a Life You Love Movement and is helping women around the world to create a life that they love.