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It’s time to remove the guesswork, push the "easy button,” and discover the power of the 3 Phase Create a Life You Love Framework partnered with the power of The NeuroCoaching Model(™)!

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  • Priceless accountability and support between sessions via Voxer that ensures you always keep moving forward  
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"Because of her easy steps, I was able to get out of the overwhelm and move forward with things that I kept putting on the back burner....mostly me!

Thank you for the easy button Chantal!"

~Jackie Cote

Everything Starts with Action: Are You Ready to Create a Life You Love?

Meet Your New Coach

Chantal is an author, podcaster and transformation coach who uses her proprietary 3 part framework along with the power of the NeuroCoaching Model(™) to help motivated, high achievers rediscover their passion and purpose in life so that they can rise up, step into their full potential, and successfully navigate their journey to Create a Life You Love.

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Frequently Asked Questions:

Q: What happens at the end of our 12 weeks together?

A: Together we will evaluate where you are on your journey and will work collaboratively to map out the next logical steps for you, which might include continuing with 1:1 coaching.

Q: Do you only offer 12 week programs?

A: That is my recommended time frame in order to support the results you are looking for. Book a call and we can discuss if your needs require a tailor made program.

Q: Does it have to be weekly?

A. That is my recommendation in order to best support you, book a call and we can discuss if your needs require something different.

Q: Do you offer group coaching?

A: Yes, I offer 12 week group coaching programs with specific enrollment windows so that everyone is on the same phase at the same time. Book a call to see if enrollment is open or to get on the waitlist.

Q: What is The NeuroCoaching Model(™)?

A. Great question! Check out a detailed explanation HERE.

Q: If I book a call am I guaranteed a spot on your coaching roster?

A. No. I have limited spots available and fill them with individuals who are truly ready and committed to do the work. I am a guide with a proven framework here to provide information, tools, and accountability. My goal is to support a shift in your thinking so that YOU can create lasting transformation in your life.

Q: What if I'm not ready for coaching yet? Can you still help me?

A: Absolutely! I have many free or low cost products and services to help you on your journey. Check out The Create a Life You Love Podcast and join the free Facebook group: Create a Life You Love Community.

Q: What if I have a friend or family member that I know would benefit from working with you?

A: Direct them to the resources you found that made you think of them. Share with them why you feel this might be a good next step. Encourage them to book a call with me. Then be patient and supportive. We can often see other's needs with clearer perspective than we can see our own. They might not be ready, and the only person we have control over is ourselves. Coaching will only work for someone ready and willing to be coached.

Q: What does a coaching session look like?

A: We meet on Zoom for 1 hour, typically once a week, and walk through a coaching conversation. Check out a video HERE of a brave soul who allowed me to coach her on Facebook Live for a special podcast episode. I am so grateful how present and coachable Katie showed up. In less than an hour she had a breakthrough in an area she has been stuck on for a year. The value of taking time to slow down and evaluate your underlying values and beliefs is so powerful! If NeuroCoaching(™) looks like something you want to experience, book a call today.

Q: Is coaching like therapy or counseling?

A: No.

Coaches are typically PRESENT AND FUTURE FOCUSED. I help my clients explore their past only as a means of identifying ingrained subconscious beliefs that are holding them back. My primary goal is to help you look at where you are, where you want to be, and how to get you from point A to point B.

Therapists and counselors are typically PAST AND PRESENT FOCUSED. While a therapist may work with clients to set goals and make changes, primarily clients come to them seeking assistance with healing trauma, overcoming abuse, treating addiction or treating mental illness.

Q: Can I be coached while also in therapy or counseling?

A: Potentially. Please book a call so we can discuss the best fit to help you. I only accept clients I know I can help and regularly refer people to therapy if that is what is needed to help them right now. I have had clients who have accessed both coaching and therapy simultaneously, and I have had clients that needed to seek therapy before entering into a coaching program. My goal is to help you regardless of if you become a client or not and I strive to operate with the utmost integrity. My clients are not simply a means of income, they are valued people in my life.

More questions? Book a call and let's chat about them!

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