Aligned Momentum Masterclass

Create a Business AND Life of Impact You Love

A FREE Masterclass to help purpose-driven coaches

create aligned and sustainable momentum without sacrifice and burnout.

Ditch the "shoulds" that leave you feeling stuck, overwhelmed, and burnt-out

so that you can get off the hamster-wheel and make the impact you are destined for.

I'm Ready!

You got into coaching to make an impact.⁠

Instead you're on a hamster-wheel feeling stuck & overwhelmed trying to do strategies that don't align with you.⁠

And therefore... aren't working for you.⁠

You're busy, exhausted and working your tail off building funnels, doing lives, posting on social media, etc.

Here's the thing though, if it's not an aligned strategy for you, it won't work for you.⁠

Are you ready to get off the hamster-wheel and actually impact the people waiting for you⁠?

I'm Ready!

PLUS ensure your success with built-in supports, including:

1:1 Aligned Momentum Call

Gain clarity and momentum during a 20 minute 1:1 Aligned Momentum Call.

Masterclass Workbook

Stay on track during the masterclass, and revisit the activities and reflection exercises time and time again as you and your business evolve. 

Online Community

Here is the accountability and support you've been missing, tap into the community of purpose-driven coaches on the journey to living a life of purpose and impact.

Ditch the "shoulds" that leave you feeling stuck, overwhelmed, and burnt-out and start making the impact you are destined for.

What Others Are Saying

Meet Your New Coach

Chantal is a Transformation NeuroCoach™ & certified Life Purpose Coach who saves purpose-driven coaches from the side-hustle grind so they can design their life of impact and freedom without limitations.

Her book, Create a Life You Love: 10 Healthy Habits to Transform Your Life Now, made the Amazon Best Seller list and shares her personal transformation story in an easy to read format that feels like you are having a cup of coffee with a long lost friend. Pulling from her 15+ years of experience as a special educator, each chapter ends with practical steps that anyone can implement to kick off their own journey, experience a transformation, and live a life of meaningful contribution.

She then went on to found Create a Life You Love Coaching, where Chantal and her team use a holistic approach to help passionate coaches unleash a business AND life of freedom and impact that they love so that they can create the massive impact they are destined for. 

Through The Create a Life You Love Podcast, Chantal connects with guests from around the world who share their stories of overcoming life challenges, how they turned their pain into their purpose, and their tips and strategies to help others on their journeys of transformation and impact.