Welcome to the

21 Day Authority Challenge!

Everyday we make decisions and spend valuable time and energy second guessing ourselves and seeking outside validation.

Whether it’s choosing...

  • When to leave a job
  • Which opportunity to say yes to
  • Which niche to focus on....

Your days - and your life - are full of decisions!

Did you know that there is a unique decision-making process that provides a compass on how to make aligned decisions?

framework that allows you to cut out what isn’t working and step into being the self-empowered, brilliant, fiery, unleashed powerhouse that you really are?

Are you ready to embrace the confidence you need to make your Unleashed Vision your reality without burnout?

I'm All In!

The 21 Day Authority Challenge Officially Kicks Off on November 7, 2022.

What is Authority in Human Design?

Your authority in Human Design is how you are designed to make aligned decisions.

It’s YOUR unique decision-making process that provides a compass on how to make correct decisions that work with your energy.

Authority in Human Design is like an inner instruction manual that tells you how to get in touch with your specific universal wisdom.

What is the importance of making good decisions?

Making better decisions leads to better results (and fewer repercussions).

Better decisions might leave you with more options and greater flexibility.

Why is it important to make aligned decisions?

From the time you were born, all the way up through adulthood, you were told to listen to others, and follow the rules and structures that were laid out for you.

You were told to conform to what your parents, teachers, peers, culture, institutions, corporations, and society at-large deemed “safe” or “correct.”

Human Design can help silence the noise and pressure from the outside world and enable you to connect to, listen to, and trust Your Truth.

We all feel called to be individuals - and we’re all here to fulfill our unique purpose and shine in a way that feels deeply satisfying and successful.

All that’s needed is the framework and validation that allows us to cut out what isn’t working and step into being the self-empowered mystical beings we really are.

Using your Human Design authority is the way to find your way back to y

Ready to leverage this superpower for the rest of your life?

Meet Your Coaches

Chantal Cox is a Transformation NeuroCoach™ & certified Life Purpose Coach who saves purpose-driven coaches from feeling stuck, confused, and overwhelmed so that you can get off the hamster-wheel and make the aligned impact you are destined for without sacrifice and burnout.

She's also the author of Create a Life You Love, the host of the Create a Life You Love Podcast, and the creator of the Unleashed Method.

Guin White is an alignment coach who supports soul-centered coaches in being completely unapologetic about your desires and taking massive action towards making you dream a reality. She specializes in sales, business systems, wellness and human design and is the founder of Aligned by Design.

She is also the co-host of the Create a Life You Love Podcast.


Q. How much does it cost?

A. Nothing, this is a free gift to help you on your journey

Q. How much time will it take?

A. Only a few minutes a day. We know how busy everyone is and help our clients reduce overwhelm, not add to it.

Q. Do I have to be a coach?

A. No, while our membership is designed for coaches and this free challenge will help them gain clarity and alignment within their business. It will also help them, and anyone else, get clarity and alignment in all areas of their life.

Q. Where do I access the content?

A. As soon as you register you will be emailed information for how to access our exclusive app where we have opened up a public section specifically for this challenge. So no logging into Facebook and getting distracted with a million notifications!

More questions? Feel free to reach out to support@calylcoaching.com